Nicht einfach Gitarrenunterricht...

... sondern genau das, was du brauchst!

Musik wird nicht mit den Ohren gehört - sondern mit dem Herzen!

English Guitar Lessons In Zurich

Our lessons are based on a concept, tailored to your needs and goals. They almost can consist of anything. But to give you an idea, I made that list:

  • Your favorite songs
  • Simple guitar accompaniment for everyone
  • Lead Guitar
  • Techniques for Improvisation (from intuitive to very complex/advanced)
  • Help for exams in the area of music (playing/theory)
  • Harmony theory, rhythm theory, composition, ear training, arrangement
  • Ear Training (practically & theoretically)
  • Instrumental technique (making your instrument transparent in understanding)
  • Techniques like Two-Hand-Tapping, Sweeping, Legato…
  • Expression techniques
  • Mentoring to develop your own, unique style
  • Learning methods / Learning psychology / playing easily
  • Music styles: Rock, Pop, Funk, Blues, Latin, Metal, Jazz – you name it!

Price of guitar lessons in Zurich

The price for a single lesson is between 89 CHF and 100 CHF – you’ll find more about the available plans here (german – look under „Honorargestaltung“, probably you’ll understand, otherwise, just write me and I’ll be happy to explain it by email to you).
The Price is all-inclusive, including online access to your lesson log – since 2016 also with one click access over your smartphone etc.

Price of home guitar lessons

The price is variable, because of the time and distance I need to travel to your location. If you’re close enough it’s 435 CHF for two 2-weekly lessons, of which each are 75 minutes. More details are available here: Home Lessons (german)

Me, ready to teach you!

Am I Your New Guitar Teacher In Zurich?

Hi, my name is Oliver. I’m based in Zurich and am looking for motivated students at all levels. It doesn’t matter if you’re a „bloody beginner“ or already quite experienced – together we will design the guitar course that you need and takes you to the next level.

As my wife is a foreigner and we talk in english and german, I’m able to teach you fluently in english. If you do not only want to improve your guitar skills, but also your german skills – you will enjoy my very slow and clear german – that I used for some time with my wife. Oh yes, don’t worry about your german – that language is really a „hard to learn“ language – and some say: Not very beautiful! 😉

I studied contemporary guitar in Zurich at the ACM (where today the ZHdK is located). Therefore I’m able to teach you in a wide area of music styles and technique.

My speciality is to apply very diverse learning-techniques, all of these are adapted to the very different needs of my students. Because of this outstanding knowledge in that area, you’ll be able to learn easier and faster at the same time – and you will have more fun doing it!

Get in contact – I’m very curious about your wishes and goals! 😉

Equipment for guitar home lessons

Gitarrenunterricht in Zürich (Einzellektionen 45min) oder auch 14-täglicher Intensiv-Gitarrenunterricht (90min). Gitarrenunterricht bei dir Zuhause (Heimunterricht) im Raum Zürich.  Gitarrenunterricht schenken: Gutscheine findest du hier. Bist du Autodidakt aber suchst einen Gitarrenlehrer, der mit dir nach einem Plan zusammenarbeitet und dir hier und da hilft, dann besuche die Hilfe für Gitarren-Selbstlerner. Suchst du ein Buch, dass dich auf deinem Instrument schneller voranbringt? Dann bist du HIER richtig!

Would you like to take your guitar lessons in english? Join here my explanation of my guitar course in english.